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i do not know why it never occured to me before now, but im a memeber of a gay/les/bi book club via mail and internet. it has some awesome books on tons of stuff, like coming out and abuse and such. it also has novels, (gay novels!!!) and movies and music and stuff. maybe not music, not yet anyway. not sure. but i know others would like it too. it has some stuff that is just plain fiction from everywhere as well. a lot of popular titles and authors. anyway it is costly, but they usually have a lot of deals. its called ISO. which stands for InSightOut Books. you can go to to find out more. and the best part is, if you can afford the bills, that the letters and the packages come to your house like any other club, they dont have any identifying "gayness" or such that is obvious. and i dont think theres an age limit, although im not sure, i first joined a club via mail when i was fifteen i think. so yeah if you guys are interested there you go..
hope thats cool.
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Ah! one more addiction on the horizon

thanks for posting this! now i really just want to go sign up. except i'm changing addresses in about three months, oh well. now i'm all torn cuz you sound so awesome (and i totally love ev. thing you like) and i just want to keep reading your journal thing, but i have to finish this huge auto biography for english. ugh….moral dilemma. i’ll e-mail you tho, once i get a chance. woo hoo for my n.cali buddy!