it would be so empty without me...-mr eminem

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I have arrived at the very depressing conclusion that most girls, if not all, demand faithfulness- girls want monogamy.

All I ever ask for in a relationship (the very rare times that I do have them)is sincerity, fun and first-class sex, but nooo the girls I’m with always have an extensive list of demands and stipulations longer than that damn lord of the rings book. I can’t give her the world even though I promise it, because I can give her everything she needs, touch her in every way that pleases her, satisfy her as much as she can handle, tell her everything she wants to hear, buy her anything that she desires, talk to her, be her best friend, take her wherever she wants to go, fuck I’d even give her my keys, let her do as she wishes, but I cannot give her the world because then he will have everything… but me. ( not meaning to sound cocky but- that’s just an incomplete world- after all one cannot work at a relationship by oneself now can they.)

I’m only human… and way too young for full on commitment.
My heart aches at the very contemplation of it.


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As long as you're clear on the fact that you don't want a committed relationship BEFORE you get involved with anyone, then it should be okay. I mean, the time will probably come when you want to 'settle down' but it doesn't have to be now...