It's @ Cornell...yeah...

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I slept all day... how the heck did that happen? Ugh, I do not want to go back to school on Monday. I'm getting all panicky again just thinking about it.
So my mom and I want to start going to PFLAG's only once a month, though, I think. Hmmm... it's at Cornell, though, so I'm kind of wondering if there are even any other people around my age that go. It would feel kind of awkward just being with a bunch of college aged people. :-|
I'm so bored and alone. My friends don't call me. I don't call my friends. Nothing ever happens. Life is so stupid. Blah...


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Don't Worry

I'm sure it will be great fun. There's maybe one person my age at the place I go to for meetings but it's still fun.

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what are the chances? this gu

what are the chances? this guy who graduated from my crazy small school (in an excuse for a town all the way in n. cali) goes to cornell! at least you get to go to a group thing. like i said, small town, full of country bumpkins...not GSA,PFLAG, or anything but sad by the way, i love your littel avatar..i reminds me of Cloud in final fantasy.