Kissing, medication, teen suicide, I'll keep making my titles lists until I think of something better.

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Do you guys think it's normal to periodically want to gag while making out with somebody? I really, really like my boyfriend, and I'm totally attracted to him and like doing stuff with him and such, but I have trouble kissing him for long periods of time, 'cause I just start... Well. Gagging. It's not that I don't like it, or that I want to stop in any emotional/intellectual way. It's totally weird. Does this happen to anybody else?

In other news, today my mother had me take double my normal dose of my migraine medication (which is the recommended dose, I just usually take less because I tend to have stronger-than-normal reactions to chemicals). It made me INSANE... I was shaking really hard, I couldn't see straight, or focus, or even have a coherent conversation. I eventually had to just tell my teachers what was going on and get excused to either pace the school or sit in the corner... It was awful. I was sooo spazzed out. It confirmed my notion that I can NEVER do drugs. It's just not a good idea for me. Which is, I suppose, rather convinient: I don't have to "just say no," or be tempted or whatever, because it isn't even an option.

This girl killed herself earlier this week in my city. I didn't know her, but it made me really sad. She was friends with some of my friends, and she was my little brother's best friend's big sister. She was in my grade. Her myspace is still up. It's really depressing. I hate that pretty young girls have to be that miserable, and I hate how sick and helpless it makes me feel. :(

If anybody on here is suicidal, please don't. Her brother is like ten years old... He's never gonna be the same. It is so sad.

On a much lighter note, I've developed a major crush on the girl who plays Claire on Six Feet Under... SO adorable. Seriously. :)


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I know that feeling,i mean i

I know that feeling,i mean i liked the feeling it gave me, but it also just grossed me out at the same time. Whether it's normal or not I don't know.

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I know what you mean about th

I know what you mean about the medication...I started birth control pills because I was so stressed out that I had no periods. The kind my doctor put me on completely depleted my energy, I would walk to class and then have to sleep because I was so exhausted. All my teachers were male and they would yell at me all the time for sleeping in class until finally one of them excused me to the nurse and I told her what was up, and she just stared at me, and she was like, "My god, you poor kid..." and I basically went to school and slept for a week every day until I could get different pills.

I hate medications, I hate them, and I hate it when people don't understand. I hope you're okay now...