Letting it out!!!!

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I have had problems over the past year or so about my sexuality. I had a long term BF and i thought that was what it was I was straight, but that is not it i realised. Since i have joined u guys on this site it has proven to me more. I am basicly trying to say is that i am bi. I have told some people in the past. I had a night were i nearly killed myself from tooo much alchol and straight alchol and there was a girl there who was bi as well and we planned to give the other three boys a good night and we were playing spin the bottle and we made sure we got each other. as the night went on i can not rember any of it but i asked her out and we did not say anything in the morning before she left but we were both hung over.We told the boys but they just laughed at us and have not thought twice about.
I am afraid of people finding out because i dont know what their reaction will be when i telll them. I have crushes on two people at school and one of them is a guy and the other a girl. I am worried the reaction of people at school because there has been stories of other bi's at my school and they arnt the best stories.
Any suggestions....


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I think it's pretty common fo

I think it's pretty common for most girls to be bi. I know a lot of lesbians in my area and nobody really ever thinks twice about it. Bi girls are the same story, they're frickin everywhere. Guess that's the only good thing about being gay . . only gay guys are a rare commodity here. Strange how that works, eh?

Don't worry about what other people think, it's seriously not going to win you anything in the end. But at the same time, it's not like everyone needs to know either. Do people introduce themselves by saying "I'm straight"? No, so it shouldn't even be a big deal. If you feel the need to tell anyone, make sure it's someone you completely trust.