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It's been a while since I posted and a lot has happened. I'm supposed to be revising now, but I don't have the motivation to. My IB exams start in one week, and there are parts of the syllabus which I haven't learnt yet. I definitely need to re-read Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead, The Crucible and Brilliant Lies. The problem is, Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead just doesn't make sense. It's not even supposed to. I also should be doing more practice for karate, otherwise I'll miss my one chance to get a black belt.


Almost everyone in my physics class decided to attend an optional extra class in the a few days ago, even though it's holidays. Afterwards, we all went out for lunch, one of my friends asked me if I needed a ride anywhere. Someone else said that he'd give me a ride if I blow him. I decided to test the water, so I said OK enthusiastically and with a smile. Maybe it was a little too genuine, because everyone was disugsted. I did end up getting the ride and fortunately I didn't do anything in return.

And with only three days more of proper lessons, it has become clear that I am not going to be able to say I came out in secondary school. Oh well.

II: Perhentian Islands

It seems likely that my most in my year will decide to spend what we have left on a trip to the Perhentian Islands (located in my country). A week of golden sunlight, clean sands and clear water. We were there two years ago after exams as well. So much has changed since then - there is a good chance that half of the rest will get drunk when we're there, which isn't a good prospect considering many of us will go diving and snorkelling. Fortunately, I know several of my friends love our sober state of mind much more.

III: Dartmouth

Dartmouth rejected my appeal for more financial aid. I eventually informed my parents. They said that in that case I would probably be going to the University of Melbourne. I wasn't very happy about this. My dad was trying to talk with me more about it, but I really wasn't interested, and I told him so. This pissed him off. Later, he came into my room and told me to trust his guidance. Out of the blue, I said that I'd lost faith in his guidance. He asked what made me think that. I couldn't really verbalise what it was then. While contemplating it later on, I came to the conclusion that it was just the fact that I didn't feel like I could be honest with him, especially when the atmosphere between us is never conducive for talking about my gay side.

Anyway, I dropped small grenades here and there throughout the week, like pointing out how they were willing to pay a similar amount of money to get my brother his medical degree. I even offered to take a loan with them at an interest rate so that I would go. By the end of the week, when I properly confronted them again about it, my dad said that we should do a cost-benefit analysis of the two. I suspect that he seemed to think that this would make it clear that Melbourne is a better bargain.

It turns out being that given the offer Dartmouth gave me, Melbourne is only slightly cheaper. I was surprised myself, as I am an Australian citizen. I pointed out that if I went to Dartmouth I would almost certainly be able to study three terms overseas - at this point I'd love to go to a German university. I'd also be interested in staying in the German language residential hall they have at Dartmouh. This impressed them enough, so they tentatively agreed I could go to Dartmouth.

As a result, I'm now very happy!

IV: Mulholland Dr.

I saw Mulholland Dr., and I have to say, David Lynch is the man. And Naomi Watts - wow. I had no idea that it was fundamentally a lesbian love story within a lesbian love story. In some ways it's better this way, since I don't get distracted like I do by guys making out, or even a guy making out with a girl. I also saw the Ring 2, and although they both have Naomi Watts in them, it is clear which movie better.

V: Mmmm...*pants*

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good luck

"Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead" cracked me up senior year, my English teacher thought he was Hamlet so we spent an entire quarter on the play and its offshoots. Good luck on all your tests, especially your black belt test. Mine was my senior year too and it's not easy but tests are definitely more fun when you are allowed to break boards.

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if i were you, i wouldnt have

if i were you, i wouldnt have been complaining about my parents offering to pay for me to go to university of melbourne (THE best university in australia). you see.... i will have a HECS debt for half my life, which won't be fun. What do you want to study?


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It's not about them being wil

It's not about them being willing to send me to Melbourne. It was about them being unwilling to send me to Dartmouth. Yes, Melbourne is the best in Australia, but I still think that Dartmouth will get me more places, and more money, than Melbourne. To say the least, the chances of me studying in another country, say Germany or England, are greater there. And then there's my parents being nearby.

I wanted to study maths, but now engineering, physics and even business/economics are also on the table. I'll sort it out when I start.

Planning on going to Melbourne, are ya?


EDIT:... Found this in your journal. I figured it isn't true.

"I'm so happy. I just found out that I have been accepted into Harvard. And Yale. I don't know which to choose... oh, why is life so hard sometimes?"

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haha yeah, that was a random

haha yeah, that was a random journal post creator thing... you just click the options you want, and it posts it for you. i thought it was funny...


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Yeah, I thought it was someth

Yeah, I thought it was something like that.