Maybe I should

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I didn't relized that my friends have been trying to guide me and let me know
what they think about this guy and that they totally think I should go for it with him
i on the other hand am not so sure about what i want to do not like a lot of them
and i don't think i should i could get hurt and i could end uo in a lot
of pain that i dont need. then i think about it and i think maybe i should because
sometimes i have to take a risk in order to get what i want. if i want to do
something i should be so worried about the risk or the backlash that i might
get even thought for a long time i have'nt really been all that sure of what i am doing
and know i have knocked my world right off balance and I don't know what i should
do to get it back. tonight will be the changing factor maybe in what is going
on i will just have to wait and see what is going on. i am a little confused
but hey i think i know what i needed to do and this is the first time my head and heart
have been in agreeance maybe the last time they are.