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Since the time of my last post a lot has happened. So many people are against
me dating him. First he is seven years older than me and people want me to
stay away from someone who would be older than me. Second its the best kept secret
on the floor. Everyone knows and yet no one had really said anything to me or
him. Two other girls on the floor also like him and there has been an ongoing
fuerd that if it comes down to it who would have who's back. I don't want to get invovled
in something that is going to drag me down. unlike the other girls i still need
a job and they don't really need it and could easyly quit if needed. i know
the other night wendesday was the closest thing i have every felt to really
liking someone everything before that was just dating someone. I want to be
loved and at this point in time i don't care who it is as long as its true
love because i am getting to the point that if something doesn't work out soon
i am going to give up all hope on every finding love simple because
i know in my heart it isn't going to work and i don't want to be forever chasing
a dream that isn't going to go anywhere.


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you know...I just started dat

you know...I just started dating a guy who's 12 years older than me (well...11 and a half). It's really weird, having that much of an age diff. Him being being 18 but somehow, when we're togther it's really nice. He holds me and cuddles with me and we discuss music and life and everything. He doesn't treat me like a kid and we work together. I don't know...age shouldn't matter, and when it comes down to it, it really doesn't

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I date a guy 20 years my seni

I date a guy 20 years my senior and the age difference just doesn't make a difference. Love knows know barriers and you should take it where you find it.

Children of a future age reading this indignant page know that in a former time love sweet love was thought a crime

- William Blake