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Such a strange, short word. Mist. But I think it means something. Whenever I think of something happy, whenever I remember something that makes me smile, somehow I always associate those thoughts and memories with mist, And I don't mean the real, physical, actual mist either. I'm talking about the mist of the mind.

Have you ever been in a situation where you're happy and everything is perfect, and your whole world narrows to focus only on what it is making you feel that way? If you have(and I pity anyone wto hasn't) then maybe you'll understand what I'm saying. In those moments where everything is perfect and light and you feel like you could float away, have you ever noticed that even your vision goes 'light', and what seems to be mist creeps into your sight, hiding all the bad things around you?

That's what I'm talking about. That's what I mean. Those perfect, mist-filled mometns.

Or maybe I'm the only one, and my vision is just spaz. But if it is just me, then I wouldn't trade being that way for anything else. It's too special.



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Well, I don't have that exact

Well, I don't have that exactly, but my vision does seem to change based on how I'm feeling. That is, I tend to see people sort of glowing, or like, changing colors, and I get tunnel vision A LOT

Yeah... :)

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