My story continues...maybe.

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I listen to the lines- they seem distant to me- I hear half of what they speak. I’ve read the play before- I memorized half the lines in seventh grade-
‘I will not trust you, I,
Nor longer stay in your curst company.
Your hands than mine, are quicker for a fray,
My legs are longer though, to run away.’
The lines strike me somehow, as if I should go, or leave, but I’m watching the girl- yet again. The arm still loops its way around her, lassoing her to him. It slowly but surely begins its exploration, slowly, slowly- when he is jerked onstage, by some invisible force of a cue.
She sighs, slightly, but amusement is playing on her lips, and she turns halfway- suddenly straight into my dark corner in which I sit. She squints at me- her eyes are adjusting, and when she realizes she doesn’t know me- she doesn’t do a thing.
She just looks at me, and my soul shivers. I shift self-consciously and get up from my seat.
She raises her eyebrows at me and turns away. She’s watching the Boyfriend again. Again, the smile is hidden in her expression- seeming blank to everyone, I know, but me.
I don’t know how I know this- but I do.
And I’m kind of happy.
Finally the play ends, the final blackout, the bows. I’m left alone with her, as everyone else changes. She turns again, back to me- kind of glares, almost. But I can still detect the amusement behind her disdain.
She rolls her eyes and laughs.
‘So. Do you...’ she looks searchingly at me. ‘…often barge into the backstage of plays?’
I laugh nervously. ‘No, um, actually…’ I try to figure out an excuse. Nothing comes to me.
‘Its okay- don’t worry about it- this is a high school performance! Not like anyone cares.’ She laughs. ‘But I’d hate to be you if it were a Broadway.’
I blush and look away. ‘Really, this is the first time for me.’
She nods. ‘Sure it is’ She smiles. ‘No, I believe you…but who exactly are you?’
I pause- not sure what to say- I don’t want her to spread rumors around about me that I ‘barged’ backstage, or anything like that, or that, if she noticed, that I watched her the whole time.
‘Uh- do you really have to know?’
She laughs. ‘It’d be nice, but no.’ She smiles, genuinely, not the hidden one, and holds out her hand. ‘Hi. I’m Amelia.’
‘Well, then, that makes me Wednesday.’ I blush again. ‘Sorry for the intrusion- if any.’
She smiles. ‘Not at all.’


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nice, i like it. a lot. wel

nice, i like it. a lot. well written. i could see what was happening. and i think i know what you mean, about the hidden smile. my gf has one of those, which i love.

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That was sooo good.i liked it.

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