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i don't really know why i'm doing this, it just feels right. and i tend to do what feels right. like
kissing my gf. *grins*
anyway, i'm writing about my necklases. i have two/three. two chains, three pendants.
the first is my jewish star (some people call it the star of david). my grandmother gave it to me.
she said that it had been her mother's and that her mother's friend (a jewler), had made it for her.
the second is my moons. i have this pendant which has three moons. the first, a first quarter moon,
represents the time in a girl's life before she starts menstrating. the second moon, which is full,
(and is made of an aquamarine stone), represents the woman who is menstrating monthly. the third moon,
the last quarter, is after the woman stops menstrating. i put this one on the day i started my period
for the first time, and i won't take it off until i stop.
the third pendant, and, as far as i'm concerned, the most important, is my labrys. my aunt myra gave
it too me, actually before i came out. she just knew. it, and the moons, hang next to eachother, on
a rainbow thong which i made. when i'm afraid, or unhappy, i clench the labrys in my hand. on the
back, it has the maker's signiture, and the phrase, "remember the future" engraved. i love it so much
a funny story about it. i was talking to the vp at my school (not about being in trouble, but about
someone else who was harrassing me), and he asked me what my necklass was. i told him. he tried to
tell me that i wasn't allowed to bring weapons/mini weapons, to school. i told him what it represented,
and that it wasn't a weapon, and that if he made me take it off, he would be violating the school
rule about tolerance. boy, he backed down from that, real fast! anyway, that's the insight to my
wonderful life.

"Live strong. Make Sappho proud."