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Then again just with that I am lying because at the rate I am going I am spinning
out of control and can't keep anything in line. I finished packing my stuff but I
have also left stuff out for the next two weeks. I still have to pay rent till
the end of May but I only have two more rent payments. I am so glad that school
is about to let out and then I will be moving maybe. I am going to move in with this
guy and I don't know if I will move to Tennesse like I thought I was going
to but so much has changed. I like this guy and I really would like to see if
it could go even more in depth. I liked it to be even more and find out if he is
someone to whom I could like. I like to think that maybe it would be more. I am
sure that the other night when we stood in the rain getting completely wet and not really
giving a crap it was o.k.
I see so many people this last week wanting to talk to me about writing a
story in the newspaper for the last one. It would be about eight couples on
campus one straight couple and the other couples would be gay or lesbian.
Three couple will be gay and three will be lesbian and one will be bi. Showing
these couples in a clear and nice light would be the best thing possible. I am
going to do the article because I need to get my mind off of everything going
on in my life.


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That sounds like it would mak

That sounds like it would make a great article! Writing truly is very thereputic. When it is done, you should post it here, I would like to read it!
Good luck with moving.

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