O.K. I have to keep Update

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O.K. so I haven't seen him in a couple of days and I am pretty sure that I still
like him.Its hard because I am not use to this feeling. I don't know what I want
and I am trying not get attached not becoming attached is my idea. Maybe in the
time it takes me to get to work tonight I won't want to see him and that would
make me even more confused. My fear is that I don't want to like him but my thoughts
keep turning to him anD I am worried about seeing him again. I haven't had
anyone treat me as well as he has and that for the most part is the thing I worry about
I don't want it to be to good to be true. I didn't want the other night to just be a dream
I want to know what I have to do I don't want to lose something that makes me
feel special but I also confused feeling with what is going on in my life