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I'm scared of people like you,
but i'm not scared of you

i would like to know what this means to people.
i thought of it one day in the shower. it sounded
so right to my situation with me ex. but not knowing
the "ex" thing, what do YOU think (oasis members)?
when i get a few opinions i'll let ya'll know what it
means to me.



ummm hmm

maybe it meanz your afraid of falling in love with people but your not afraid of falling in love with your ex.but hmmm i don't really know.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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to me it meant about the falling in love thing. i say that because i dont want to fall in love with someone like her and get hurt again like she hurt me. the way she is with her now girlfriend, she decieves her. i dont want a person that is capable of that, but i still want her.

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To me, it sounds like you're scared of people who have the potential to sweep you off your feet and make you lose all sense of reality. You might not trust people in general. You're not afraid of your (ex) partner because you trust them (?). Or it could be that you are afraid of a particular group of people and your partner belongs to that group. For whatever reason, your partner is the only one you aren't afraid of. I don't know. Just guessing...