Part IV

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Later that night, I lay in the hospital bed thinking the day over.
First, there was the usual visit from the therapist. That was a one sided conversation, as usual. Coach Smith came to visit, but I didn’t really remember why. She had been visiting a lot lately. She probably wanted to know if I was still going to be able to play again, so she wasn’t wasting her precious scholarship money. Then Sara came.
I kept thinking back to Sara. When she first walked through the door it was like having a movie star in the same room. She just gave off a vibe, like she had all the confidence in the world. She probably did too, with her looks. She was extremely pretty, actually, she was gorgeous. She had long, natural blond hair, and green eyes. That was my first time seeing someone with green eyes, well, the first time I can remember.
Everything about her just stood out. She was just…I couldn’t even think of a word to describe her. Different? Unique? Special? Yeah, she was just special.
That’s stupid Parker, I thought to myself. You sound like a freak describing her in your head. Truth is, I didn’t know if I was a freak, or just jealous of her perfect features, while I was stuck with all my scars of the past. Scars I couldn’t even remember how I got.

Two days after my first visit, I headed back to see Parker. This time I had some different CD’s, based on what she said she like from the mixes. Also, I brought some different foods.
I didn’t really know why I was coming back. I guess I felt sorry for her, but that wasn’t quite it. Did I feel responsible? I didn’t really know that either. Somehow I knew I couldn’t have stopped the car, but I kept thinking of how I just sat there and watched her get hit. But also, I couldn’t shake the image of her face. Those dark piercing eyes just wouldn’t leave my mind.
I knocked on the door when I got to the room.


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i like it

COol Story - i can't wait to read more. I only saw one error, when you wrote though instead of thought, but other than that, it's intriguing!

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thanx for the grammar check,

thanx for the grammar check, seriously. and any other comments u have is great. i'm glad u like it so far.