Part V

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After I managed my way upstairs to my room, I fell into bed. Immediately I fell into a deep sleep.
I was woken up later by someone coming into the room. I turned over and saw my roommate, Ashlei, drop her stuff on the floor. I was silent for a while, it didn’t seem like she noticed me.
Finally, she turned around and saw me lying down.
“What the-,


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More... please!!

Or was that the end.. I hope not
This is great, every part of it, ... totally engaging and I really wanna know what happens... I wish i could write like this, coz although i can do description etc. I can never think of a decent plot! Thankyou so much for sharing it :D

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here it is

i didnt think people were actually reading it any more, so i just stopped...sorry! i do have some more which i will definitely post, but theres not too much more. i am kinda slowing down on the plot cuz i have to choose where i want my story to go. i will keep posting whatever i have, and any tips on how the story should go is great

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IT's great, but in the last paragraph, you wrote again our eyes met again. OTher than that, it's awesome!