Part VI

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I pressed the fourth floor on the elevator panel and waited for the doors to close. For some reason I was feeling kind of shaky. I didn’t know if that was because of my therapy or because of Sara.
I didn’t know what was going on in the car, but something was definitely different. Not necessarily bad, but different. Several times throughout the car ride I just wanted to look at her, I could look at her all day. She just had so much beauty, not just on the outside either. She was just so deep and down to earth and … genuine. She made me feel like I had to tell the truth, like I couldn’t tell her a lie if I wanted to.
In all my life there had been few people who I had actually felt like trusting. With Sara, I felt there was no other choice. She was just so honest with me and so nice. It was almost as if she really cared and, for some reason, this scared me.
Stop that. It’s probably just the therapy, I convinced myself. I can’t believe I have to go lie down on some couch while some old balding man with glasses asks me questions. Probably stupid questions too.
The elevator doors slid open and I walked out. I saw a woman sitting at a desk typing with one hand, searching through papers with another, and talking on a phone held between her ear and neck.
I approached the desk but didn’t really want to disturb her. I didn’t know if she saw me, so I just stood there waiting for her to acknowledge me or tell me something. She didn’t say anything for a while, and I began to get impatient. Mast was becoming uncomfortable, so I tried to switch positions. As I did this my crutch dropped and made a huge clang on the floor.
The woman’s head snapped up and she saw my crutch lying on the floor. Immediately she put the calls on hold, bookmarked her spot and stopped typing. She came around the desk just as I was reaching for my crutch. I really didn’t think she needed to stop everything just to pick up my crutch for me. I could do it myself. But she did anyway.
“Oh here, let me get that for you honey. Are you ok, do you need me to do anything?


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ive read the past few- and i

ive read the past few- and i am in LOVE with this...
pleaseeeee continue. you are an amazing writer...

life is hell.
enjoy it while you can.