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After my session was over, I rushed down to the main entrance. Sara said she would pick me up there. I didn’t see her at first, but I figured she was just out of my sight. I walked up and down the sidewalk for a little bit and still didn’t see her. I had checked the clock on the way out, and it showed that I was only like two minutes late. Maybe this was like a prank or something.
No, she wouldn’t prank me, would she? She might, don’t be deceived I told myself. Maybe she had something else to do that she forgot about. Yeah, that one was more likely. I decided to wait a little more and then head out. I still had the money from this morning’s bus ride that I never took.
I sat down on a bench and soon began to think about my “session


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ahhh, no she waited for you s

ahhh, no she waited for you sara waited for you. i need more io need more. im carzed!!!

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