Place at Midnight

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This poem tells my story with that guy in the last
couple of journal entrys. I am still very confused
and this is more of an epic than a poem.

To want you scares the crap out of me
One night and I've fallen so hard that
I'm scared I' going to get hurt and right
know I can't be this confused or else I'll pay the

One night in the rain with the lighting flashing
around me I'm on my knees and I was watching the
storm with you wrapped safely in your arms I loved
it cause I felt so safe

I wish I could have you with me cause its so cold and
I'm alone when I came home from work I'm still alone
and my bed is so cold No one to make me feel speical
but you did

You where the first guy who wanted to be with me
for me despite my being fiesty, and being a bitch
I was the one you wanted to get to know and you
told me what you wanted right away which was love

No andsiforbuts cause I went into this with an
open heart open eyes and I knew I could hurt
the people around me and you didn't public hide
the relationship which made me feel like someone
who you wanted