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Then really not. I just like this guy and getting to know
him these last few days I find that unlike some
people I know he can make me blush and he can make
me extemely happy and I don't want to be held back by
labels. I guess in the end I am going to date who I damn
well please. Screw the labels because right know
all they do is tie my hands behind my back and make
it impossible for me to do much. I have also found
out a lot about him thought stupid silly little things
like playing "Can you Beat me." which is a card game
and he is not good at playing cards. Plus he knows
what I will do and what I won't do and he isn't
pushing he is just letting me ease into this because
this is completely different. Yet when he kiss's
me my heart speeds up and I feel my emotions taking
over and I am despertaily trying to keep my emotions
out of this whole thing.I know if I let my emotions
take over I am going to get hurt in the end
I asked him today why me? Why out of everyone in the
store and in the world why did he pick me
At first he joked about it but when I gave him
a light shove in the shoulder he relized that I was
serious. He said I was sweet and that I was unlike
the other people he dated and he felt he could trust me
not to step on his heart and I am going to try my
hardest to not do that because I really do like
him and I am getting to know more about him and that
makes me even happier


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It's always great when someone can make you happy. Run with it, that's my advice.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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boys and girls are both amazi

boys and girls are both amazing.


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