questioning again

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ok, this is getting ridiculous. this is the second time i just like poured all my thoughts out to post...and then everything gets deleted. dammit, now im even more frustraed. ok, let me summarize. i came out a while ago to my parents and friend as probably being a lesbian. i told them i wasnt sure, but i pretty much was. now im not so sure because i think im starting to have feelings for some guys too. i just want to know the truth because this is soo frustrating. am i a lesbian? am i bi? am i straight and going through a really gay phase? the last one i doubt, but you never know. i've known i've been attracted to girls for a while. i always just pretended to like boys because thats what all the other girls were doing. but now after i've already come out as a lesbian, i start to like guys. can someone say irony? at this point, im just feeling frustrated and confused. and even more so because all my venting stuff gets deleted.


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First of all, you can always write your posts in an e-mail application and paste them into your browser if that keeps happening. Or upgrade/change your browser, since I don't believe it is the site, as I type all my posts directly into the browser with no troubles.

Second, you want to hurry up and adopt anothe label so that you can be frustrated by the labels you choose in haste? You're not straight, that's a good enough start. Maybe you'll end up dating a boy, maybe a girl... be a person first and let the label find you, not cling to one and be defined by it.

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once again, ur right

really liked what u said about the labe thing, but if my first copy hadnt gotten deleted, i think i wouldve been able to tell things better. its not so much the label that concerning me, but just the feelings inside. i feel as if ive just become comfortable feeling one way, but now i have completely new feelings. its just a lot of changes i guess. and its not the websites fault for the deltions, its mine, by accident. i was just frustrated at myself, which happens a lot. so i'll just b more careful next time...