sat's are designed for me to fail...

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sheer ingenuity and bravado= definite quitessential prerequisites for SATs..

damn, just took my mock SAT examinations and it all became clear to me by this afternoon that though my maths skills arent as half past dead as i thought they were... english clearly is a second language.
what the hell does ignominious mean??
whats a lackidia... ah i forgot the rest of that word... is that english??
does anyone actually use those words... anyone without a Phd in English???

and by the way.. hardly any of those given sentences in the exam look wrong!??

me no speaka the good english nemore. :(


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that sux

i took the SATs this year also. ignominious means,like, deserving of shame, or it could mean digrading. i think they purposally make the SAT english secti9on hard because i guess your suppose to know it the best?! beats me. i had a harder time with the math. i wish i could help more. as for that second word, i think its lackaday which means regret for doing somehting. that probably isnt it but, if you get the word i can help. my vocab is really good.

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Maybe it was lackadaisical? That's the first word I thought of when I saw what you'd written...Oh well...


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I'm so glad that I took SATs

I'm so glad that I took SATs before they added the writing part. I didn't like them either. Just couldn't stand some of the ridiculous analogies they had.