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It seems with no sleep for four days and my emotions
on a rollarcoaster I should be more unstable. I've
held up amazingly well for someone who is going
thought hell and not having a good day. It feels
like I have been up much to long and no sleep sucks
for me and some of the others I think this
guy I am trying to find out how I feel for him is
going to be around either as a friend or more it
depends on this point in time I guess seeing as that
right at this point in time I am not sure what I want to do
Friday we went to Wal+mart with some of the people
we work with and we had fun Tuesday I want to
go out with two of the people from work either
bowling or to dinner or a movie or something. I
like him but I am not sure what I want from my
relationship with him. As for sleep I haven't
had any for the last four days either been working
my ass off literally or just been so wired I can't
so I am going to use some sleep well meds and go
to sleep. Night you all