Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Five

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Alright here it is, the Finale! I dont think to many people care, but
i think i worked hard on it so i hope you enjoy it. ^_^

If anyone wants it emailed to them then just catch me on
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hope you guys like it!

---Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Five---

“It’s a rare thing indeed to find happiness, but luckily sometimes happiness finds you. Being happy isn’t just about having everything in life go the exact way you meant it. In fact most things that do make you happy go the exact opposite, you never see it coming but afterwards you wonder how you could have ever been so blind. Happiness comes in many forms, sometimes in material possession, sometimes its popularity or fame, sometimes it’s a developed skill or ability, and sometimes it’s someone else. Being in love, or even being in like with someone is one of the most beautiful things in the world because both you and your beloved fulfill each other and you shine before all those that would look on you and give them something beautiful to strive for. Sometimes very naïve and shallow minded individuals or even groups would restrict love, but in doing so they only make that love stronger. When you must fight simply to hold the one you love in your arms so that your hearts can beat as one and you can live as one sentient being then that battle is both worth losing everything for and worth dying for. Love is the worlds only constant, it is the only thing that no one can possibly take from you because it exists only between you and the one you love. Never let anyone stand between you and your love, because the lack of such emotion will destroy you.

Jessica was leading Jack by the arm through her grand home. Truly her house was amazing; there was hardly anything it didn’t have. He had become bored with the tour, and he had become extremely aggravated at Jessica Gold. He loathed her, he despised her, and yet her he was being dragged around her house while she gloated about how much something cost, or how rare it was expecting Jack to be impressed.
Jack remember walking into Danny’s house for the first time and being shown the one thing that Danny thought was wonderful about his house, his mom. Danny’s mother had been in the kitchen making dinner for them, and Jack couldn’t think of anything better to be shown. The dinner had been the best he’d ever had in his life, and he remembered Danny’s mother teasing him about her wanted to cook for his and Danny’s wedding.
Jack felt a pinch from where Jessica was waking him from his daydream.
“You seem to have a hard time concentrating Jack,


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That's brilliant!!

I've just read all five chapters and all I can say is WOW!!! You are such an excellent writer and you should be really proud of that. I was totally hooked on this story and just couldn't manage to take my eyes away from the screen, I'm not really into reading and can never manage to finish reading a book!! Well done.

As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you.

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Typos and afterthoughts..

It's always a curse of mine to read something how i thought it only to find a million typos after its posted *sigh* and there are some pretty big ones lol, especially from the second chapter. I'm gonna try and patch it up but i'm a horrible editor and i cant really share this with my friends *shrug* but all in all i think it turned out pretty good.. bit of a fairy tale ending, and it kinda felt like i was writing a lame movie, but the overall message was pretty good i think *rubs chin* and i guess i was stretching for some laughs in the last chapter *shrugs again*

oh well, thanks for the cool comments guys, who knows, maybe i'll write a sequel to it or something..

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Nice one...

Hey, thanks for sharing that with us, it was really great :D


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I'm not all into love stories, but, wow! is all I have to say. That was awesome, and I hope you do write a sequel because I couldn't keep my eyes off of the first story, and it would be great (for all of us) if you put in more about Danny and Jack after all of that happened!!!
Thanks for a wonderful story!

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