Shine Empty Soul: Chapter One

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Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while, lots of things have come
up and gotten in the way (though i dont think to many of you missed me
lol) anyway, I've been writing this little short story and since its
about being the new kid in high school, coming out/being gay and whatnot I figured maybe some of
you would like to read it. Heres the first Chapter, and the second should
be done tonight hopefully (maybe even the third if i kick it into gear)
anyway, enjoy! (and i'll go ahead and apologize for the way it looks, i just
copied and pasted it from word into the box..)

--Shine Empty Soul: Chapter One--
“For the longest time I didn’t know myself, it was if a part of me was missing, or as if something inside me wasn’t completely whole. I found that the more I searched within myself, the hollower I felt. I tried to push it out of my mind, but the more I struggled, the more lonely and broken I felt. I became depressed, and my mother became worried so she decided to move us from the city to the country, hoping the environment shift and loss of all my friends would help. I thought my world had finally collapsed, I’d lost everything, and on top of it all I was the new kid again in a school that I hated, in a town I loathed, and with people I detested. Everything was going down hill and my life was crashing and burning before my very eyes, but that was before I found my other half, or maybe before my other half found me. Its strange how life throws something totally unexpected at you, and you either take it and run with it, or leave it and wait to see if any more are coming, but you always regret not taking that first, because who knows where it may have lead. This was one of those unexpected, and even now I can’t believe where its lead me.

With a slight yawn Jack Grace awoke, greeted by a warm ray of sunshine pouring in through the window and a chorus of song birds, or at least that would have been the ideal morning. Jack awoke rudely to the blaring of his alarm clock and a frigid cold that had taken root in his bedroom. He stumbled out of his warm bed and moved through the dark, hitting several pieces of furniture and tripping over his dog Max before making it to the clock, spending several minutes trying to turn off its horrible racket. Jack could feel his heart pumping, his legs hurting, and a headache forming in the back of his skull, and to top it off, it was going to be his first day at Xander High. Today was going to be a terrible day.
It wasn’t too long before Jack had taken a quick shower, dressed, and headed off to school. Even if he was dreading going, there was still a bit of excitement floating around in him, that and a lot of fear.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad,


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i like it

"Always do right. That will gratify some of the people, and astonish the rest."

this is a great beginning. post more of it on oais-you can't leave me with only the first part of a story!

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Just started reading this...

really good writing...I almost felt nerveous for jack.