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Hi kids,

It's a nice, rainy Saturday morning here in Portland, Oregon. It looks like the weather is going to stay the same, more than likely. And I say, "It's about damn time!" We've been having unseasonably warm weather in the area; indeed, several counties in the state of Oregon have been labelled by our governer as areas affected by a drought. And of course, that means farmers won't have the water they need for their livestock or crops. Which just leads to a whole bunch of other bad stuff. *sigh*

So on the positive side of things, I started my new job. It's actually my old job at a German restaurant, but I guess things have gotten better there, so I asked to work there again. And surprisingly, they hired me. :-P I must admit, it was nice to see all my old friends again; I surprised many of them, and I hadn't seen a few of them for several months. It was nice to be back doing what I do best. I start a 5-day week on Tuesday. Yay!

In other news, I'm convinced that pretty much all other news programs and such are bogus. That's why I endorse NPR News. In-depth stories, stuff that affects us every day, and of course, they lean to the left. That's where I get most of my news--of course, I supplement that with the regular news websites and channels and newspapers, but I find that NPR tells the whole story, even when it's unpleasant to hear. THIS is fair and balanced news--screw Fox. And Rupert Murdoch. Grr....

Oh yeah, and watch "Outfoxed." It'll change your life.

I'm going to the symphony tonight, and I'm SO excited about that! Mendelssohn and Mozart and a few others. I'll let you know how things go--it looks to be an exciting and wonderful concert.

So that does it for this time. Remember to spend those gay dollars at gay and gay-friendly places. And to listen to NPR. And condemn Fox News. And Republicans. And Gay Republicans. And anybody else that doesn't accept you for who you are. Like Mr. Rogers would always say on his show, "I like you just the way you are." The Republicans can stand to learn a thing or two from him.

(If I lean any more to the left in this journal entry, I think I'll crash the site.) :-P

As always, behave and be nice, so you don't turn out like me.



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I'm going to Portland in august =)

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Oh my gosh! Really?!?! Yay!!!!!!!!! Well, make sure and get me the dates you'll be free so we can meet up!


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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I am happy you were hired. I listen to National Public Radio and Public Radio International daily, also.

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Congrats on the new/old job!!

Congrats on the new/old job!!! Good to see you're still around and about.

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Hey you!

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, you can't get rid of me. *lol*

Nice to see you're still raising trouble, too. ;)


Some people's kids...I tell ya!