Smile Beautiful Angel

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Alright, heres the sequel to Shine Empty Soul. I've only got the first
chapter done but i hope it'll come along just as fast and hopefully
even better than Shine did.. so anyway if it does come along rather
slow then heres your first peek.. (yeah i know not alot of people care :P)

---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter One---

“Love is a beautiful thing, a treasure that you hold close to your heart and guard jealously from those that would rob you of it. It can become an obsession, a desire that both fulfills and destroys you. You strive for it, willing to give anything and pay any price if only to keep it for a few more precious moments. It becomes everything to you, it consumes your world and your very being is driven by it. Love is the most powerful emotion that we can give and that we can receive and thus is the easiest emotion to taint and to corrupt. We must not allow something as truly beautiful to become lust or worse, a burden.


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It's romantic, and sweet, and well written, just like it's prequel, so keep up the good work. :)