Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Four

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Alright, so it's taken me half the day to get the next chapter.. so what..
I'm still going strong.. *shifty eyes* anyway, here it is, chapter 4


---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Four---

“We make mistakes, we all make mistakes, its part of being human and it’s what makes us human. There’s no point brewing over losses, and there is absolutely no point in destroying ourselves because of past mistakes. We cannot change the past; we can only learn from it and move on. Time heals all wounds, but it has a nasty habit of re-opening them as well. Don’t let and old scar become a new wound, take what you learned from previous experiences and use them to prevent any further harm. Beware of those that brought you scars in your past, for they are bound to give you darkness in the future.

The car ride to Danny’s house was a long one, or at least it seemed to be that night. Jack had never felt so alone since the day he had moved to Xander; he had never felt so completely helpless, so entirely pathetic and horrible. He had let Danny down, he had been broken and now he was having doubts.
Jack wondered now if his mother and Mr. Johnson were right, if he really was just having these feelings because he was depressed. Maybe his relationship with Danny wasn’t as real as he thought, just a cover for his real problems, just a mask to front what was really wrong with him. The only reason Jack had even moved to Xander was because his mother was worried about his depression. Could Danny really just be his way of dealing with it?
Was he really happy with Danny? Jack tore through his memories, searching for some answer, some sign that he wasn’t lying to himself, that he really did love Danny. Visions passed through Jack’s head, faded memories of everything he had done in the last couple weeks. He saw himself and Danny, and he looked happy, he seemed in love, but was it the truth?

“Was it the truth...?


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Awesome!!! :-)

Just as the prequel, this one is AWESOME!!! I really liked it...And you need to follow up on what happened to Danny...I know this is really pathetic, but the last part made me CRY!!! ::Sniffles::

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

If the world didn't suck, we'd fall off.

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love the story

It's put together better than legos.