Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Three

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Okay, heres chapter three. This is coming together pretty fast :)


---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Three---

“Insecurity is probably one of the most dangerous tools that anyone can use against us. When we believe that we have failed ourselves or someone with love and care for, it seems as though everything is lost. Those that use the weakness of insecurity are in fact very weak themselves. They are cowards who hide behind dominate masks and preach of the world being dark and foreboding, yet it is only they who see it as such. Their lives are miserable and they tend to draw more miserable lives to them so as to magnify their living horror. These men are the predators, they are animals seeking the weaker and often more naïve among us to both corrupt and exploit. They are dangerous, they are destroyers, and yet they are everywhere, for they are not but one man, but all men.


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:) THis is awesome

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