Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Two

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Okay the second chapter is done. I think this one is prolly gonna be a
tad longer than Shine Empty Soul was.. but hopefull that will just make
it better ^_^ anyway.. sorry bout the format again.. (just copying and
pasting into the box from word) and for any typos.. enjoy

---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Two---

“How can someone judge something when they have had no experience with that which they judge? How can someone stand there and tell another that their love is immoral, that it is unnatural, that it is in no way beautiful when they themselves cannot even comprehend that love. Why is it that those who have power to govern your love are the same ones who have never dealt with it, that will never have a chance of dealing with it and yet believe that without ever knowing it they can pass judgment. How can they be so naïve to think that they are messengers of some greater truth when even they are shrouded in darkness? The heart and the soul cannot lie, they are pure and always untarnished, and it is the words of men and the webs of deceit that men are enveloped in that lie. Love is indomitable, it goes on forever. But the human mind is easily broken, and one can loose faith in love, or become ashamed of love, but they can never break it. So long as you stand for your love, as long as you defend it, so long as you refuse to let the minds of corrupt men break it, then your love is beautiful, it will remain beautiful, and will shine long after you have gone. Like the smile of a beautiful angel it will bring grace and happiness.