So... I guess I'm... out?

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Which is really weird. I wasn't intending to come out.

We were talking about the possibility of me moving schools - me and my parents were talknig, that is - and dad said he wanted to ask me some questions that 'might make me uncomfortable, but won't kill me', The wery first question he asked was basically whether I was a lesbian. I'm not, I don't think I'm purely homosexual, but I said yes anyway. It was close enough. I was scared though.

And both he and mum were fine with it!

He said it was fine, he wouldn't think any differently of me if I was straight or lesbian or a transwestite. And we went back to discussing moving schools again, and it wasn't any big issue.

I hope I'll be moving schools soon, because I'm simply not happy where I am, and... just yeah. I feel alright now.



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It's good that your parents a

It's good that your parents are good with it and are being so supportive. Good luck with switching schools.

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Wow, your parents sound reall

Wow, your parents sound really cool, and I guess they're a lot more aware of who you are than my parents. I don't think it ever crossed my parents minds until I told them.