Some people's (heterosexual) kids...I tell ya!

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This past November, Oregon's Measure 36 passed, creating a constitutional ban on gay marriages. Prior to that, last year about this time, Multnomah County--which is the county that Portland is in--started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. After the passing of Measure 36, the question was whether or not those 3000+ marriage licenses that were issued were valid or not. Today, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled on that:

"In summary, we conclude as follows. First, since the effective date of Measure 36, marriage in Oregon has been limited under the Oregon Constitution to opposite-sex couples. Second, Oregon statutory law in existence before the effective date of Measure 36 also limited, and continues to limit, the right to obtain marriage licenses to opposite-sex couples. Third, marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples in Multnomah County before that date were issued without authority and were void at the time that they were issued, and we therefore need not consider the independent effect, if any, of Measure 36 on those marriage licenses. In short, none of plaintiffs' claims properly before the court is well taken. Finally, the abstract question whether ORS chapter 106 confers marriage benefits in violation of Article I, section 20,* of the Oregon Constitution is not properly before the court."

*ORS chapter 106, Article I, section 20 reads: "No law shall be passed granting to any citizen or class of citizens privileges, or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens."

Wow. So over 3000 married couples aren't married anymore. Just like that. Shit. Kids, America is telling us loud and clear that we're not to be treated like the rest of them. Just like I said after Black Tuesday--or the November elections, to be more exact--as much as we can, we must continue to support queer-friendly goods and service providers. The only thing we have left, it seems, is our spending power. We have nobody to look after us but ourselves.

Question everything. Demand equality. I know I will.



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Lets face it.. We're pretty much in a loosing battle.. and its probably just me, but as far as i can tell.. i see a "holocaust" in the near future.

But w/e i guess we take what comes..

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Don't give up

After all, like all social justice issues, time *is* on our side. It's just a matter of "when" and not "if." Still, it's going to be a long, bumpy, painful road.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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That sucks! Jesus, this stuff

That sucks! Jesus, this stuff is so frustrating. It makes me feel completely helpless, I absolutely hate it. :(

"When that sonuvabitch puts his hands on her, you should tell yourself he's putting his hands all over you"

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This is pretty much the path to getting an official ruling on gay marriage, so not even a step back. Just the way thigns work.

You get some renegade county to issue licenses, the state says WTF?! and says they aren't legal, and then the people in that county appeal the ruling, until it goes up to the Supreme Court for a ruling. At that point, whether there is a state ban on it or not is irrelevant, because if it is found to be unconstitutional, the law is removed from the books.

They were never legally married, and only the dumbest optimists in that group would ever have thought they would hold up.

So, keep your panties on, bitch. These things take time.

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The Commercial Closet

You may find this site interesting, just while we're talking Pink Dollars. The gay populace has quite a strong influence on commercialism.

All the best,
Adam xo

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