Spring Break

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Spring Break was great. I was feeling so crappy before and I really needed a break. Living at school is rough,, 6 hours of homework every night and the same people every day, but now I am back and I feel great, which is really surprising givin how depressed I was before. Part of it probably hass to do with the fact that they came to their senses and put me back on Prozac, which they only changed because my god damn school counselor called my mom concerned because of what one of my friends told her. My friend has this idea that it is impossible for me to be happy unless I am Christion. (god I hate it when she is trying to convert me) everything is OK right now. My mom made me a huge collage with all of my friends pictures on it sense she knew I was feeling down. I think its the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. With the thing with my crush, I've decided to give her control over the relationship for now and not try to make any plans with her or anything. Since she was getting freaked out by how close we were I figure the best thing I can do is relax and let her do what she wants. No sense in me freaking myself out trying to label us or figure things out. I'll just let her decide and tell me when she's ready. I'm just going to take it slow. I haven't cut in 3 weeks, that's pretty good for me, I just hope I can keep it up.


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Good thing!

You're amazing! No cuts in 3 weeks? Yeah !!!!!!!!!!=D =D !

Keep going like this okay? It's really awesome !
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congratulations!! It gets easier the longer you go too. Im at almost 2 months with no cuts. I got a new job where I cant wear my wristbands so I cant hide them as easier, and somehow that has made it easier to not cut, cause I know people will see it if I do.