Teaching the Spiders to Write

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You’ll find me in the dark, the corner your eye neglects
Whispering to the shadows and the spiders
Speaking gently from the warmth of loneliness
This heart wasn’t meant to love, or to live
Only to write the beauty of such words in the webs
And leave them for the wind to read
To pass on through soft touches of summer breeze, or winter chill
In this darkness, away from your loving eyes
Speaking words to the spiders so they may write
The wind will read, and then give to the hearts
And I shall wait here in this warmth
Until my heart decides to grow apart
And I must search and seek
Listening to the wind, whose words may guide
Who learned from the webs of spiders
That another heart taught to scribe
And with the words of wind
I’ll run from the frigid dark
To the light that shines from a broken heart
And with my love, and the spiders words
I’ll mend us, just once
And we’ll be whole
We’ll be beautiful


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i loved this poem. its really

i loved this poem. its really good, in fact the reason i jonied the site was so i could say how much i liked to you. your a very good writer. rowie x

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Wow.. thats like tottaly rad.. thank you :) that tottaly made my day ^_^

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