the beauty i see in women...

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this isnt a story and it isnt a journal entry or anything else. im not sure what it is but i know we dont have a label for it, thats why i put other. ive just been having these thoughts about how with all my pent up sexual energy i would suddenly make love to a woma who i was attracted to. so the following is just thoughts and such that ive been having as of late. guess i want to get it out of my system...

im not sure where we are when we meet. but i know her name already, and she already knows mine as well. her hair is long and flows free and thick. theres an intensity in her gaze that tells me exactly what she needs. her body has this tension that i can feel emanating from across the room. soft candlelight and mellow music. she knows things about me that i dont about myself. and i can see things in her eyes that mean so many things, unsaid and otherwise. just running my gaze across her body, i can close my eyes and imagine the feeling of her under the incredibly soft silk. smooth, unmarked and perfected by life. she knows what i am doing. but she does not come to me, not yet. theres something about the sharp curve of her neck as she turns to see someone. her eyes leave mine briefly. then she turns back and our eyes meet again. but i can imagine my lips against her flesh. whether heated or cool. my teeth grazing her earlobe, and that shuddering breath sort of just expelled from between her lips as though it would have if she didnt want it to. the red silk dress is so close to her skin, i can tell she wears nothing else. exciting though it is, id rather her wear nothing. its as though she knows what im thinking, she stands and walks to me. i can feel her gaze sweeping over me as if she would assess how much pleasure i could give her. or vice versa. with her this close i can feel the energy like a warm hum along my skin. that sensation of physical and sexual awareness. she pulls me to my feet with her fingers under my chin. my eyes are raised to hers as i stand. we are similar in height. i know i am touching her before she even allows it. but she does not object. she sets her wine glass on a tray floating by. there is no one but us. my hands trace the line from her bold shoulder down to the wide curve of her hip. my fingers sliding over the silk like water. she wraps her hands around the back of my neck, letting me explore her. theres something intimate about the way she just offers herself up with that simple gesture. as though she knows i wont hurt her, but wouldnt care if i did anyway. my hands slide across the front of her thighs, my fingers having a mind of their own. i want to touch her, possess her, drink her. but at the same time, i can feel myself wanting to be possessed too. she stares into my face as i pull the dress up, i can see the excitement, unexpressed, by the way her pupils widen. my hands run up the length of her body, and i knew it would feel this way, her flesh so soft but still firm like the fresh skin of a necterine or plum. as soon as her bare nakedness is exposed, there is a sweet fragrance that surrounds us. its like cotton cheets hung out to dry in the spring air, totally feminine, and yet theres something in her eyes that is dominant. i can feel the mounting hunger inside her. i throw the dress aside, having held onto it for too long. i wait for her to remove my clothing, but realize im not wearing any. her hands are still at my neck, and she still stands with her eyes locked with mine. then she leans in for a kiss just as my fingers slide inside of her. our breasts are pressed together. i already know she is ready. my fingers work vigorously rubbing and delving. she is starting to shake and her lips press against mine in a fierce and determined passionate manner. i can feel her tongue quivering in my mouth as i bring her closer. she is practically riding my fingers as we stand together. i can feel a thick wetness flowing between my fingers. she suddenly takes in a deep breath and almost falls into my arms. she is still quivering, and i am smiling. she smiles up at me. she laughs and says, "now your turn."

okay yeah thats real good but for some reason my thoughts always seem more intense, like i could orgasm from thinking about it. oh well i hope this is good enough.
yeah so hmmmm.
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Very Nice *grin*
Good enough for what? Good enough to make people horny? lol
Anyways, thanks for sharing that...I always imagine scenes like that but I never write them down...


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thanks yes you know im not sure what it needs to be good enough for. maybe just good enough for me. for my own standards or something. ah well doesnt matter i spose. hmm. if it does make someone horny i guess ive acomplished something though. lol.

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Ooh, nice. I likey! Tay

Ooh, nice. I likey!


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very nice:)

very nice:)