The Bleeding of Ink

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These words are like scars against my unfaithful heart
Every mark of the script another stitch
That holds the withering seems from opening
And letting my wounds open and bleed
Like the cuts and gashes we give
To the paper with the killing dagger, the pen
Whose blade will rip and tear
The empty white of the page
Pages that bleed the black horrible blood, the ink
And whose bleeding will form the words that haunt us
Will create in script the worlds that inhabit our soiled minds
And will transcribe our pain, misery, happiness, and joy
To the blackened minds of other scribes
So they may take in and relish in blood
The bleeding ink


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I like your idea

I like the idea of your poem, and your sentences are well composed, but as an advice, i think you should try to soft it a bit, it would just look less morbid and more like a splendid artistic piece .

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Yeah i know.. my friends and teachers tell me that all the time.. i just have some wierd morbid vibe.. i dont know what it is but like every poem i write usually has that really dark tone.. :(

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