the one who changed me

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i walked upong this earth
touched by its cruel hand
i tried to rest in solitude
on green grass and foreign sand

i was lonely and abandoned
hurt and pushed away
i wished for it to be over
i prayed that it may

i endured intruding of my body
hands i couldnt wash away
they burned into my skin
but my flesh would never say

god took away two souls
that had meant so much
i began to shiver and freeze inside
and i left it as such

i pushed and held on
and life began again
from shaterred dreams
my heart was on the mend

i met you and all of this fell out
my hurt, my pain, my past
you smiled and took my hand
i knew these tears wouldnt last

but yesterday i heard something
that made my life crash down
and everyone around me
couldnt hear the sound

i tried to hold it
the glassy tears i had
i couldnt let myself hurt
i wasnt allowed to be sad

you took me in your arms
and i wept and cried out loud
i push, i wailed, i fell
off of my clear cloud

i came into this world
bitter and alone
i hurt so many poeple
for that i cant atone

i dont know how to tell you
of all i feel inside
its never really one thing
it moves with the oceans tide

i need to tell you now
before i see you another time
i need to show you whats on my heart
whats weighing on my mind

i love you and i need you
this comes from the bottom of my soul
if pain is the price to pay for you
i will gladly pay that toll

if i never tell you anything
this must surely be told
if love was such an image
out of you i would begin to mold

your my saving grace
my angel lined with gold
and when you stretch you hand to me
i will firmly and tightly hold

troubles will come
and troubles will go
life will fly by
but time will move slow

i will cherish every minute
im with you throughout the day
and we will wait and hold our breath
until i can finally begin to say

the key is this and nothing more
to love and feel the same
it was sent, this sweat gift
and by you it surely came

i dont know where life will lead
if i shall never live to see
but i know one thing
you will be beside me

we have a life to live
the two of us makes one
we have a plan made out
so take my hand and come

and if i dont make it
to see our dreams come true
i want you to remember
i love you through and through

im never leaving
this you assure to me
but life is funny
and its never what it seems to be

dont you weep for me
lie and rest you tired head
and we can fall asleep
among these flowers for our bed

you have changed my life
in more than ways of one
you have been my light
you have been my sun

you were the first
to love me without conditions
but in the end
we all begin our missions

mine was to walk this earth
and take these burdens with
atlas had the world to hold
who told you it was a myth?

yours im very confinced
was to come and save my sin
you didnt die upon the cross
for you sacrificed within

your goal in life
if i can be naive
was to love and save
and of that with me

you are my guide
on this beaten road
and wherever you seem to be
i will surely go


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wow!!!!! that is a really good poem how can u write them so well

love carly xoxoxo

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at this moment, i have no wor

at this moment, i have no words to describe how this makes me feel. all i can clearly say is that im crying after reding your work here.

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your poem is sad and upliftin

your poem is sad and uplifting...a hard thing to achieve. i really liked it and can really feel what you put into writing it.

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**