The Romance of Bullets and Black

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Do you remember the day before the crash
Before your romance of bullets and black
The days before, when we laughed and we cried
Even then I could see through your broken smile
Through those foggy eyes and halfhearted lies
Why didn’t I stop you
How could I let your put the barrel to your head
Pull the trigger and let the moths and roaches out of your head
Let the walls speckle with scarlet stain
That ran from the walls to the floor
Seeping through the crack and the breaks
Until it fell like rain over your father, the drunken saint
Who took his black clad hooker and danced in the rain
And made love in a storm of a thousand sins
Unknowing that only forgotten breath away
You lay cold on your bed
Sleeping deep in the hands of the angels you once damned
Drifting away in the dream and the release that was your death
Now we’re crashing the cemetery gates in a hearse
We stole from the black tailor
To lie and sleep amongst the dead and the graves
Pouring the last good bottle of liquor on your coffer
So you might drink and laugh with us for one more night
While we sit and talk and laugh and cry
And bleed the black of tears
While scribbling farewells onto your headstone
In the best damn writing we can
Leaving notes in drunken prayers
As we sing over your casket in a broken tune
Hoping you’ll raise one last glass
To the brothers and your lovers you left
So you might make romance with bullets and black

Dedicated to the bitter sweet memory of every love ever lost to the bullet
in societies gun