Theres A New Girl Here...Elbow Sex??

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Ahh yes, remember that sweet little girl i told you all about? Well, her name is Clare. and Her Oasis is: Meep_07.
So PLEASE give this girl some advice regarding coming out to religious parents and deciding whether or not its just a phase, because I can't do it all by myself, it's been far too long for me to remember those days.

When your all confused and scared and everyones asking you whether or not its "just a phase" i mean now people dont question whether its a phase, since they've seen me kiss my ex girfriend and i've told them loads of horrendous details about all my adventures. ;)

No, now its: how do girls have sex...
Seriously, today, one of my really close friends, Mercedes, she thought that I had told her last year that they used their elbows!

I just shook my head and let someone else explain.

So please, go to Meep_07 and chat her up!