this is crap

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well, i was chosen to be on a panel of people who answer questions about diversity which are asked from the student body. i was specifically choosen because i am a lesbian. but a day before, i was kicked off not because i was going to talk about homosexuality but because i was, in fact, a HOMOSEXUAl and i proudly proclaim it. they said that they needed someone straight to do it. beats me why. the next day, my car which sits in a heavily guarded and survalianced parking lot, was wrecked:tires slashed, windows broke, wires ripped from my engine. i reported gave names and even showed it on the security camera but the adminastration did nothing about it. i was mugged in the middlw of the hallway, on a friday, as class got out and i reported it and gave names but nothing was done. so, the next day when someone tried to hit me i layed his ass on the floor . i hit him ONCE and in defense and i was suspeneded for a week and a half. my freinds say im overreacting by being so angry and frustrated at this situation. i have 2 question: Am i? did i deserve all i got because im out spoken and proud of my sexuality?


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Wow, that is crap. After all

Wow, that is crap. After all of that they got in no trouble. I don't think you're over reacting, and I definatly don't think you deserved all of that bad stuff to happen.

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man, that suks

man, thats not right. it just shows how ignorant people are of thoes who seem differnt by socitys strikt norms and rurles

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That just isn't right.If there's anything that pisses me off the most it's those assholes.Need any tips I'm open for advice.

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You're not overreacting, and

You're not overreacting, and of course you didn't deserve it. It is absolutely disgusting that your school would be willing to stand by and let things like that happen. Are you at a public school? If you are, you might want to let them know that the entire district could get into HUGE trouble over incidents like those.

It sucks that the people around you are so... Gross. Ignorant. Ridiculous. Whatever. I hope that your administration wakes up to what is going on very, very soon.

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Hey this is Shag. and I am here for you and you know that. because you and i are going to live in Ireland and I will be fat, drunk, and silly again. Then Kristina will come and love me!