time to go

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will i wake tommorrow
to see the start of day?
when i fall asleep at night
i pray to god i may

my work on earth isnt done
i feel it deep down in my soul
i havent found my purpose
a life i have to mold

exsperts say were meaningful
for that i must agree
they say were here for a reason
what can that reason be?

time is slowly choking
moments come and go so fast
i want to live right now
instead of in my past

my body holds the scars
were evil took a bloody form
i try to swiftly look away
but my soul is always torn

ive been beaten,hit and lost
been skorned and pushed away
half of me still lingers
in the pains of yesterday

the other half is looking
towards the road ahead
will i see the end of it
this is a fear that cant be feed

my past hold all the heartache
of my secret hell
what made the scars and burns appear
that i will not tell

truth is in the past
and there it will always stay
it makes me fear the darkness
and makes me love the day

when i look in front of me
darkness there awaits
the i prayed to god
i might be a little late

i can not leave right now
without you in my arms
just lie here next to me
and turn off the alarm

i want to see you with me
with you all night alone
my mission here on earth is done
my hopless love youve known


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oh, honey. this is marvilous. it's a great poem. very well written. isn't love strange?

"Live strong, make Sappho proud."

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Awww! That's beautiful! That was wonderfully written. Very emotional. If writing helps or gives you any sense of release then feel free to write all you want! *hugs* I hope you feel better soon.

Much Love,