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News on my life in general, first this guy wants me to move in with him and
his two roommates both of whom I know from work. I like his roommates one is female
and the other is male and they are dating. We are still talking but we have
moved a couple of steps towards what we want in this relationship. My sister will
be moving in with my other sister during the summer. This is because my
band may very well be going on tour. Something we have been wanting to do for
a while know. I also just got news that about two months from know my brother
will be back from overseas having finished his tour of duty in Iraq. I personally
am going to like having him back because he knows me better than my other
siblings and can talk me though whats going on he has already threatened to kick
this guys ass if he hurts me. My brother also asked if it got seroius would
I be willing to settle down and I said i would cross that bridge when i got
there it all depends on what seroius entales. I went to this guys house last
night around 4 and we talked till 6:40 about what we wanted to do and his room
mates asked if we where an item and we just decide to give it a go and say yes
that way if this doesn't work we can say that we tried. I am a little nerovous.