'Typical gay/lesbians'

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A few weeks ago I cut nearly all my hair off. I left less than an inch all the way around. A freind of mine told me it looked good. She also told me (keep in mind she did not, and still does not know I'm a lesbian) that I looked like the typical steriotype for a lesbian, no offense. Right, no offense. I wonder if she would have said that if she knew I really was one. So here's the question: Do you believe there IS a 'typical' les/gay atiitude? If so, what do you believe it is?

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As I've always maintained, stereotypes exist for a reason, and you need not look any further than TV to find out what they are. The reality of it is that stereotypes simply are a partial version of the truth. While I don't hang around gay guys like this, I know that my roommate's friends can spend time talking about how someone else they all know wore white shoes after Labor Day! A little absurd, don't you think?

So yeah, there's my $0.02

Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Just your garden-variety homo

I agree with Jazzer; even though they tend to be self-fulfilling, every stereotype had to come from somewhere, whether it's the D-student quarterback, the Jewish accountant, or the auto mechanic lesbian. That having been said, I think that's a very limiting way to look at the world, and if you wear those blinders, you miss a lot. F'rinstance:

Last year, my roommate was the classic effeminate, hair-brushing, wrist-flipping, lispy homo. Meanwhile, down in the basement, I listen to Kid Rock, follow baseball religiously, eat plates of ground beef with Heinz 57 and nothing else (it's great, try it), and nine days in ten couldn't give a shit less whether or not my shirt matches my shoes. (Is your shirt even supposed to match your shoes? I don't know...) Nick's straight and I'm queer. We've often talked about writing a sitcom about us...
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That is the single greatest t

That is the single greatest thing I have heard in my entire life. I, for one, would watch that sitcom without end. It would be the greatest show this side of the Simpsons!

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Yeah, I have to agree with yo

Yeah, I have to agree with you there. There are so many people out there that no steriotype, not just gay/lasbians, but NO steriotype is 100% accurate. Probably not even 50%, most of the time. Judgement is definately an issue these days.


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Omg this sonuvabitch kid said

Omg this sonuvabitch kid said that I don't sound or look gay and I said, "I'm not sure as to take this as an insult or a compliment." I guess I took it as an insult because he stereotyped me!

I kinda burst out in a threatening kinda way lol

I said, " Well then What The FUCK is a gay supposed to talk or act like"

yeah so i don't think there is such of a gay or lesbian look or talk...


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I've considered cutting my hair short, but i dont think it will look really good, but on some people mmmm its, well you know...
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Well, definately there's this

Well, definately there's this image we're all familiar with of what a gay or lesbian person "should" be like... Whether there's more than superficial truth to them, I don't know.

"When that sonuvabitch puts his hands on her, you should tell yourself he's putting his hands all over you"

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I had a friend that told me that I would make a great lesbian. I asked her why, and she said, "Because you're so laidback. You're just cool like that." Wow, great compliment. I think that's pretty much my friend's idea of lesbo/gaybo's attitude. That work?

Oh yeah, and at that time, my hair was mid-neck-length. I don't really think that short hair like that constitutes lesbianism. Hmmm...