Understanding me

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So maybe its been a hetic couple of weeks. Yesterday my sister finished packing
she left enough stuff to finish out her last week of school and then she has another
week here and then she will be leaving for Florida to stay with are older sister.
I am going to miss sharing a house with her. My guy I am talking to has
convinved me to move in with him and his two roommates. one guy and another girl
Then the last couple of days I have been working non stop and that is driving me
insane and I don't know what I am going to do with all this time being taken up
I have not had time to pack yet and I have not had time to look at the room they
are going to put me in. I really like this guy but I am getting crap from
friends who have known I am gay and are saying that I am just trying to
be normal. Thats not the case I planned my life for the next four years and
falling in love with a guy or girl was not in my plans at all this was not
something I was planning on doing and it was not something I saw happening.
Because believe me being on an emotional rollarcoaster is not fun. I would probably
not even wish this emotional rollarcoaster on anyone. It has to be the worse
thing I have went thought expect having my parents not speak to me and know
finding out they might have done it for no reason at all. I am going to
just scream. Then last night I pulled a rack of plates onto me and buised my
knee stached my wrist and cut my finger