Wedding the Bloody Handed Maiden

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Are you far from me, or only deaths whisper away
Do you haunt me for the life I jealously bare
Or do your chains bind you to my hollow stars
Walking the broken shadows, because the sun fades your form
Stay out of the light specter, the camera lens may steal your soul

Why do you burn at my heels sulfur ghost
Your blood you’ve spread across my path
So that I might slip in the scarlet, and drown in black waves
Falling to my death in your razorblade dream
Or going mad beneath your bloody moon eyes

Dance ghost, the night grows long
Invade my dreams as the love I long since buried
Dressed in black veils and a once white wedding dress covered in blood
The bouquet now a knife to cut loose this shattered heart
Now waltz with me, hand in bloody hand


I'm really not all that sure why my poems are so morbid.. i'm kinda an
upbeat guy.. *ponders*