whatdo u wen ur in love wif someone u haven't meet?

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what do u o wen u think ur in love wif someone u haven't meet?
thats my question.

i was talking to a girl on the net. she is amazing but sh had a girl
friend. we spoke for ages and ages and every time we spoke i got
butterflies she made me happy and i a felt i cud tell her anything. i cant
stop thinking about her. then one day i got an email it was from her gf
she was scared on case i broke them to apart but i cud never do that.
i wud feel so guilty and now i dont get emails or chat to her anymore.
i no i have to get over her but i justcant stop thinking about her she
makes me smile everytime i do.

so was it love or just a crush? how do i get over it?

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i think you just had a crush

i think you just had a crush, but then again who am i to tell. give it time. talk to new people. just let things go the way they go. i bet she'll start emailing back. coloradobound640@hotmail.com if you ever want to talk about something.

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yeah its just a crush- you'll

yeah its just a crush- you'll MEET someone in a more er.. .tanglible form and it will all work out maybe i dunno but
u really must forget about this 'episode' because...
i dont want to be rude but...
come on,
lets be realistic now!

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"in love"

I would say it's just a crush, and nothing to make a big deal out of. I suppose that's easier for me to say than for you, but it's best not to let your feelings run away with you. Technically, you're only "in love" if it's within the context of a relationship.

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