Who would you rather date?

Angalina Jolie (sorry, don't know how to spell)
12% (10 votes)
Brad Pitt
4% (3 votes)
my current boyfriend
4% (3 votes)
my current girlfriend
16% (13 votes)
my best friend
26% (21 votes)
the hottest boy/girl at school
11% (9 votes)
Marylin Streep (ya gotta admit that she's hot)
0% (0 votes)
Nicole Kidman
1% (1 vote)
The guy who played Legolas in the LOTR (sorry, bad memory...)
4% (3 votes)
Hugh Jackman (X-Men)
1% (1 vote)
Other, please comment
21% (17 votes)
Total votes: 81


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The straight girl I'm in love

The straight girl I'm in love with. ;P

** IMRU? **

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don't that bite?

Bulldyke...and proud

ps i have a queer mind. do you?

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alyson hannigan from american

alyson hannigan from american pie movies and bufft
that was hands down

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. ~Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, A.D. 524

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I totally agree- Alyson Hannigan all the way!

"I don't do drugs. If I want a rush I just stand up when I'm not expecting it."

"I'm not a fighter, I'm a bleeder."

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I third that.

"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect. We take what we get and are thankful that it is no worse than it is."

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I would date Gackt or Mana.

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The Blond Fellow

The blonde fellow named Chris from my drama and english class.

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i tend to go for famous athle

i tend to go for famous athletes, or athletes in general. like venus williams. i love angelina jolie, but i wouldnt want to date her, but i would go for keira knightly(bend it like beckham, love actually)

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OMG Keira Knightly!!!!! Im so in love with her... shes so hot Especially in King Arthur where she's all buff with the sword!!

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yeah, so does my gf.

Bulldyke...and proud

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Who would you rather date?

Keanu Reeves!!!

Love is when you dont know why you like them but when they leave you're crying your heart out. I'm in love.

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A particular straight girl at school...or Emma Watson.

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the girl i am with now, my perfect all around girlfriend!

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alex parks ...if u dont know

alex parks ...if u dont know her u should..lol.
if u dont www.alexparks.com

people say love is blind, then isnt it blind for gender as well?

id walk through hell in a gasoline suite to keep playing softball.

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the pope...how many people ca

the pope...how many people can say they taped him?


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my dream date

if i could date a celeb, i would pick jennifer
beals..damn she plays a good lesbian..and is
very very hot. hehe and of course otherwise i
would LOOOOOVE to date ms.angelina jolie..*drools*


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My far away lover

My friend Kristina, she is incredible, the end.

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to stick with a celebrity

I would have to choose Kim Smith

"You know, I rather like this God fellow. Very theatrical, you know. Pestilence here, a plague there. Omnipotence ... gotta get me some of that."