Would You Ever Kill A Customer?

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The last four months I have been trying to get a job that isn't in a factory, that isn't a place like the last place I worked. But, now it seems I have to go back to work there. I sent my application in to the place Friday. Apparently, it costs money to make money. Gas money and the like, has drained me. So, at the very least I will work there until I can get hired another place. If I even get hired there.

I'll tell you this. There is nothing like getting a rejection letter from Shopko. Sure, it's nice to get some kind of response back, but to get rejected from them of all places. I think that was the breaking point.

What really ticks me off about this is, if I get the job back at the factory, I won't be able to go to PFLAG meetings anymore.

Not much else is new, though. Not that I've noticed anyway. Every day goes along the same. I got to go see The Gay Men's Chorus in the Twin Cities. That was nice. PFLAG has been PFLAG. Nice but I can't talk about it. Confidentiality and all that. So yeah. That's pretty much it, all I can remember anyways.