Writing on whim, about procrastination

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Wow...people here are really friendly. Although I didn't get a lot of comments (2), the ones I did get were really nice. Thanks. It's awesome to be able to read other people's stuff too. I'm really glad I found this site in the end, although it's a really complicated story as to how I got here. I actually don't really feel like writing all that right now, I'll save that for a rainy day.

I guess I don't have a real purpose for writing this, except to say thanks to those two who sent me stuff before. Well, Dashboard Confessionals has put me in the mood, so I may as well make this letter useful...I need some advice. I don't have any like homophobic problems or girlfriend problems at the moment, no, I just have like generic human problem. Procrastination.

For example, instead of doing this killer project I have that counts for a lage portion of this trimester's grade, I'm writing here about how I'm not doing it. All my friends seem so good about that stuff. They always seem to finish thier stuff on time, and I'm left cramming the night before. I always ask them how they do it, and they always give me one of those answers that don't really answer.

I guess what I'm looking for is someone who doesn't procrastinate that can offer some good advice, cuz lord knows i need it. Or if there is anyone who does and wants to form a procrastination self-help gruop...


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I think everyone suffers from

I think everyone suffers from procrastination, but some of us procrastinate more because of how bored we are with life. I certainly find that to be the case. As for forming a self-help group, I think that could only make the problem worse.


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thanx man

lol...i was kiddin with the self-help thing, but good call. i never really thought of it like that, but the more i think about it, i guess i am kinda bored. of course im not bored all the time, but a lot of times when im alone, or even sometimes with friends, i just feel lazy, for lack of a better word. whoa, i guess its true, u learn something new everyday. and i just learned im bored with life. i guess i'll have to change that

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for me, it's more that i'd rather be doing other things than homework. and i mean, come on. if i have somehting that'll take a few hours, and isn't due for a week, why on earth would i do it now? or even start on it now? you know? for big projects, i'm sorta afraid of doing it, i think, because usually the require a great deal of effort and or creativity. so i put it off.

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Sorry, no advice...

I am both a perfectionist and a procrastinator, a combination which has resulted in many a late night finishing off homework assignments.


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true as well

Actually, now that i think about that, I guess I find that to be true for myself as well. I guess I'm just used to people telling me that people who do thier homework at the last second are going fail in the long run, and the short one too. But I guess as long as I turn in good work at the last second than it's all good.

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omg that is sooo me.

omg that is sooo me.