yet again, i have facts

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well folks, i'm back. what to say, today? should i talk about death, or life? pain, or happieness? today, i think i'll talk about the ups. so what's new?
so, random facts/things to get ya all to think.
5) (i think) We have our own sub-culture, that's not always so sub'. i mean, think about it. what other group has gaydar (or something like it)? what other culture has the option of coming out/telling people who they are? we are really privaledged. we have so many symbols, and once we meet someone who is gay, we can almost always be friends. i mean, look at us here, on oasis. we have males, we have females, we have people who don't know. we have gay people, we have lesbians, we have people who are bi, or who have no clue. we have people who are out and proud (like me), and we have people who are so far in the closet, they can't see the light that shines inside. and yet, we all have this common factor, that we can share, that we can talk about. it's so facinating!

"Why is it that, as a society, we are more comftorable seeing two men holding guns, than holding hands?"


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she's right...

diversity rocks.

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That's cool, I never thought of it that way.

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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yeah, that's the point.

"I can't even think straight!"
"Keep your laws off my body!"

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Ok, gaydar's amazing. It rocks for hopeless romantics like me.

Gay or Bi, but definately not mermaid.